JetPack Plugin from WordPress, Why you should have it

JetPack WordPress

WordPress is open source and can be used by anyone for free, whether for a personal or commercial purpose. The site is very easy to use and you can advertise your company or share personal thoughts through it. If you are still stuck, there is an online tutorial guide to help you open and use a WordPress account yourself.

WordPress has a lot of themes for you to select from. But what if some premium features like email subscription, commenting option, and social media sharing option are added to your WordPress site for free. Will these facilities make your site cool and visible?




Here comes the requirement of Jetpack Plugin. You might be thinking how this plugin will help and the way you should install them? Here are some points which will answer all your curiosity in mind.

The reasons can be many for having a WordPress account, but to save time while writing posts you must have Jetpack. It is very easy to install. To install all you need to do is go to the Plugin option, click on Add New, type the word Jetpack and then install.

Once the plugin is installed it will create a dashboard on its own. This page will help you know the different facilities available. From this page, you can select any option you want to use. Easy navigation also makes the plugin very user-friendly. All the functions mentioned in the dashboard have a button called Learn More. When you click on the Learn More option you can know how to use the facilities of the options.

Subscribing and commenting on your blog becomes easy with the installation of the plugin. Earlier 2-3 plugin was needed for these two purposes but now the issue is solved with Jetpack. There are two other great features and when the visitor clicks on it, he/she will receive an email when you upload a new post. Any further comment on your post will also be notified to the reader through, email if he/she has selected the option available.

When you open a website other than WordPress then for adding social media share button you will need to add a lot of codes. If you are not an expert then you will surely have to take the help of a professional. In WordPress account, just by installing Jetpack you can avail the facility. No expert help is needed here. All the readers who come to your site can share the post on social media platforms like Digg, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Linkedin. You can also add more social media platforms buttons on your own if needed. There is also an option to automatically post the new content on different social media platforms and this may help you to create buzz on Social Media.

The plugin also helps you avoid embarrassment caused due to grammar and spelling error. There are various options that you can click and enable them as needed for proofreading. Some of the options available for grammar check are complex phrases, hidden verb, passive voice, phrases to avoid, clichés, bias language, double negatives, redundant phrases etc.

You can also change your normal grid gallery into a tiled one with a mosaic layout for a better user experience.

Photon by JetPack

The best one is the option for CDN server, It’s called a photon. Using the photon service for free you can host all your Images to WordPress’s CDN network. Generally, CDN services is used by heavy traffic sites like Templatic, eCommerce site like Infibeam, Major Image sites like Flickr

This will help your site to load faster and eventually you will have better rankings for SEO.

I am very sure that team WordPress will keep improving JetPack and also add new facilities for us. By the way, are you using it? Which feature you like the most?

Author: Jaydip

Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketing Speaker & Trainer, Inbound Marketing Consultant, SEO-Social Media Adviser. Founder of Tej SolPro. Proudly Indian.

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