First Twenty Five people on Facebook

Amie N Broder

Amie Broder was two years ahead of the Facebook founders Mark Zuckerburg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mccollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz from Harvard University. She went on to study Law at New York University Law School and finished her degree in 2007. She worked as an Associate with Simpson and Thatcher LLP from 2007-2011. Got her admission at the Bar 2008 from New York. And now she is working as an Associate with Troutman Sanders LLP. She was selected as “New York Rising Star” in Tax by New York Super Lawyer Magazine-Metro edition 2012.

Ada McMahon

Ada McMahon lives in New Orleans and works as a journalist for Bridge the Gulf. They are a group of journalists collecting stories from the Gulf Coast related to the aftermaths of Hurricane Katrina. McMahon also writes blogs for the Huffington Post.

Billy Olson

Olson shared the same suite with Zuckerburg, Hughes and Moskovitz during his Harvard days. When his friends were paving their way to become billionaires he took time off from Harvard and never graduated. He always used to compare students to farm animals. He ended making good friends with junior students and is still close. He ended becoming a firefighter in his home town.

Hilary Scurlock Cocalis

Hilary studied at the University of Southern California and Harvard University. She worked as a Marketing Manager at MiresBall, was the Cofounder and Editor at Strawberries & Scream, worked as a journalist for Bleacher on Tennis reports and also worked as a freelancer for Arts and Culture. Currently she is working as Marketing and Compliance Manager at Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits.

Greg Friedman

He works as a trader at an investment firm D. E. Shaw. He studied at Harvard University. He met his future wife at Harvard. They both were lab partners in their chemistry course.

Joe Green

Green initially helped Zuckerburg on his initial product called Facemash. He left Zuckerburg’s side on his father’s insistence. He was invited to run Facebook’s business operations, but he declined. He founded Causes and Nation Builder, a community organizing tool.

Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin was one of the Cofounders of Facebook. After falling out with Zuckerburg he saw his interest in Facebook dip from one-third to less than 10%. He moved to Singapore since 2009 renouncing US citizenship. The lawsuit between Facebook and Eduardo was settled out of court with Facebook affirming his title as a Cofounder of Facebook.

Ebonie Hazle

Ebonie graduated from Columbia University School of Law in 2009. She completed her Bachelor’s in 2006 from Harvard. She worked as a corporate associate in the New York office of Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher. Recently she took up a job at the Lincoln Centre of Performing Arts.

Alana V. Davis

Alana completed her M. B. A. From Harvard Business School. She worked as a strategic partner and financial planner for CBS mobile at CBS Interactive. Then she worked with Walt Disney for corporate strategic business development. Currently she is working as a strategic partner with Google.

David Hammer

David Hammer studied with studied with Zuckerburg and his team, who developed Facebook.  They used to do problem sets together during their sophomore years and he used to hang out with Zuckerburg gang, watching Facebook usage stats go over the roof. But, then he chose Google over Facebook and worked as a product manager. He left Google to develop a website called SpotCouncil for expert networks.

David Jakus

Like Mark Zuckerburg David Jakus was a very good athlete during his years at Harvard. He was a skilled fencer i.e. He was a good fighter using swords. He worked for six years at a private equity firm called Aquiline Investors and now he has returned to school for further studies.

Colin Jackson

Colin was the Fraternity brother of Mark Zuckerburg. He was totally into studying biology and understanding Human body. A few years after he graduated he realized he would be happy to serve the patient’s directly and hence he applied to medical and now is studying at Tufts school of medicine.

Kang-Xing Jin

Kang-Xing was the batch mate of Mark Zuckerburg who also took up a Computer Science course at his freshman year. He graduated in 2006 with great honour. After graduation he joined Facebook. He worked on News feeds and slowly and gradually became the director of Facebook ads.

Sarah Goodin

Goodin is considered to be social networks first woman. Initially her perception about Facebook was that it is just a fan site where people can meet their friends online, have a chat with them and make more friends. But, then she saw Facebook develop into one of the biggest giants of Social Media Networking. She is currently studying at California College of Arts and earning her M. F. A. degree. She hopes to launch her own website.

Samyr Laine

Samyr is an athlete who represents the United States of America in triple jumps. During his years at Harvard his jumps improved to 7 feet. He was able to achieve the status of All American at the NCAA championship and was able to set the Harvard University triple jump record of 51feet 11 ¼ inches and Harvard outdoor triple jump record of 53 feet. Laine was a college roommate of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and was the 14th person to join Facebook. He later graduated from the Georgetown University Law Centre in 2010.

Zach Bercu

Zach graduated from Emory’s medical school and is very fluent in Hebrew due to his spending a year in Israel. He completed his residency in New York and was the part of the last intern class at St. Vincent’s hospital which got closed in 2010. He is now a resident in Radiology at Mount Sinai and plans to complete his fellowship in interventional Radiology. He says that from his friends he ever had.

Manuel Antonio Aguilar

Antonio considers himself to be a social entrepreneur. His Quetsol, which is outside Guatemala and is based on developing electricity through solar energy, has enabled around 3000 low financed homes in Guatemala to get electricity through Microfinancing. He says at Harvard he met some of the best friends he ever had.

Andrei Boros

Boros graduated from Harvard with B. A. in economics in 2006. After graduating he developed his career in trading first J. P. Morgan, than with Vicis Capital and currently with Cape View Capital, London.

Mark Kaganovich

Mark was always interested in technology startups and was always interested in biology. Now he is finishing his Ph.D in computational biology and from Stanford University. He is working on his own and has started a company called SolveBio where they can build up computer programs and enhance the field of bioinformatics so that computer could answer biology related questions and make medicine more precise. He said that although Facebook has done great development but little has been changed into the field of biology.

Colin Kelly

Colin finished his graduation from Columbia Law School in 2008. He took a job with Paul Weiss, a firm in New City. He is most known for the renovation of his apartment. He purchased an apartment, renovated it in the cheapest way ever and then invited the New York Times reporter to write a report about it in their News paper. He is currently working as an associate on tax law.

Andrew Mccollum

Andrew met Zuckerburg and his team at Harvard and worked on the Wirehog project (a file sharing application). It was he who developed the first and the primary logo of Facebook. He is also the co-founder of jobspice an online resume building site. He currently works as an entrepreneur in residence. He got married last year in Rhode Island. He had his entire wedding program written in XML code.

Arie Hasit

He moved to Israel right after his graduation from Harvard University. He is right now getting trained to become a Rabbi (a teacher of Jewish traditions). He is working with a nonprofit Jewish youth movement called NOAM. He is definitely and constantly using Facebook of his nonprofit work.

Dustin Moskovitz

He was one of the Cofounders of Facebook. Dustin, Zuckerburg and the other Cofounders found Facebook in their dorm room. Initially it was meant for all Harvard students only. Both Zuckerburg and Moskovitz took an year off in June 2004 to work hard on Facebook and moved their working base to Palo Alto. He was the first Chief Technology Officer of Facebook and then Vice President of engineering. He left Facebook to develop a website called Asana, which according to him would be able to replace e-mail.

Chris Hughes

Chris was the cofounder and the spokesman of Facebook. He left Facebook to campaign for Barack Obama in 2008. He was the coordinator of the online campaign of Barack Obama and ran the site called He is called the kid who made Obama the President and brought a change in the world of politics. He is the executive director of the nonprofit organization called JUMO.

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark was the key founder of Facebook. He actually holds the fourth account of Facebook. The first three accounts are blocked off for testing. He was a graduate from Harvard School in Computer Science. The latest product that he developed for Facebook is called Graph Search.